E-marketing has become the ideal direction for all companies and organizations to strengthen their position in the market between their competitors and their customers. Direct Media designs and directs all types of advertising campaigns for social media platforms such as (Twitter - Facebook - Instagram - LinkedIn - YouTube), and for global search engines such as (Google - Yahoo - Bing).

Our diverse services in digital marketing :

We provide our clients with many unique and effective services in the field of digital marketing, which enables them to achieve all their marketing goals. Our services in this field varies to include:

Social Media Marketing:

E-marketing is considered to be on of the most important tool among marketing tools nowadays. We at Direct Media have the knowledge and experience to deal with the most used social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn. Not to mention our vast experience with other famous platforms and applications. We can also set up ad campaigns on to reach the targeted audience and to ensure a more effective and widespread campaign.

Search Engines Marketing (AdWords Campaigns):

It is a known fact that no one uses the internet on a daily basis don't use search engines to find something. It could be some information, goods or services. This is how this type of marketing had drawn its strength. As usual Direct Media is always at their clients side, offering them the best and most special offers to guarantee their leading place in the market.

Content Marketing:

A unique and special type of e-marketing. Content marketing or enriching content means that the company needs to have an electronic window through which it provides a rich and useful content to their internet visitors. This inreached content is needed by everyone, such as medical advice or recipes in cooking, industrial ideas or free technical support in a certain field. Each company belongs to a certain field in which it can provide a useful content thus gain their customer’s confidence , which helps the company to build their brand and make it stronger and faster. Our role here is to coordinate this process and to provide this to the public in a suitable manner that helps in achieving the desired goal.

Advantages of e-Marketing :

The great demand for e-Marketing nowadays did not appear from nowhere. But; because it provides many features and advantages, which make it the most powerful means of marketing available in the market. Advantages includes but are not limited to:

Lower Budget:

The budget is essential when evaluating any marketing method. The main goals of marketing are  sales and profits. There is no merit in an effective but expensive marketing tool, so budget saving is one of the most important features of e-Marketing over other methods of marketing.

More effective:

e-Marketing depends primarily on the visitors and users of search engines, social media platforms, and Internet users in general, which is estimated by several millions daily. This huge number users makes marketing through the Internet the most effective method of all other marketing methods.

Precise targeting of your customers

Advertising is the most important key to the success of any business. The most powerful products and services that no one knows about have no value. The same as if an ad reaches the wrong audience, it is considered as advertised to zero. For an example, It's unreasonable to market a women's product to a group of men or to display a swimwear and beach products in the Arctic, of course, this will not achieve any notable success. Here, the strongest and most important feature of e-marketing appears as I can target a certain categories of audience to view my ads such as geographic place, gender, age, social status and general interests which guarantee delivering the ad to the proper target customers.


How to achieve a successful marketing campaign together

Product Study

Studying the product or service is the cornerstone of any successful marketing campaign, so we always recommend studying the product or service in all cases and at all data first; in order to reach the correct plan through which we carry out our marketing campaign.

Target Audience

Identifying the target audience of the campaign is one of the most important elements to have a successful marketing campaign. This is one of the features that distinguish e-marketing from other marketing methods.

Market Research and Competitors Study

Market research and competitors study are one of the very successful methods. As by studying the market and competitors we realize the extent of the market needs for our service or product, as well as our strength and weakness points compared to others, which ultimately leads to a successful marketing plan.

Monitoring Obstacles and Problems, and define the solution

After completing the study of the product, the market and the competitors, we may find many obstacles and problems that can prevent us from achieving a successful marketing campaign and immediately we start together to find a practical and powerful solutions to eliminate the biggest problems and obstacles forever, so that we can move To the next step in our campaign.

Proper Timing

Choosing the right time to launch a campaign is something that cannot be overlooked or underestimated; because timing is an essential element that will change the results of the campaign significantly negatively or positively. The right timing becomes clear to us after studying the product and the market.

Budget Study

Determining the appropriate budget for a campaign is very important. It is useless to make a clear study without the right implementation or defining the budget that does not affect the customers’ mind, and wasting a lot of money in the wrong place is useless. The priority here is to determine the appropriate budget for the campaign without being extremely low or extremely high.




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