Video Ads

After the recent development in the media field, the vast majority of companies have moved their advertising campaigns towards the visual communication. Thus, Direct Media was one of the leaders who entered this field, with the service of producing animated video ads for TV, websites, and billboards. We also provide the service of filming and directing documentary and short movies.


Video is the most powerful content type to deliver your message to your customers

Amongst all media tools, we strongly note that video is one of the most important and powerful media tool, where you can summarize many of the words and phrases in an advertising scene leaves a significant impact in the viewer’s soul and convey the idea stronger than usual, which ensures the strongest interaction and the most influential impact on the viewer and this is why many enterprises and companies are heading to this type of advertising.


Most requested ads and videos

Marketing Ads

Direct Media provides all the tools and mechanisms that ensure you to get a successful video ad. Starting from writing the script and creating the idea through the shooting and finalizing with the artistic output that ensures the advertising excellence and superiority on all your competitors.


Many aspire to have an archive or a documentary about their company, factory, business or even his city or any event that is of great importance. We are with you step by step. A team of professionals will assist you in this until you reach your goal and produce a movie that accurately explains what you want to deliver to the viewers in an easy way and with a unique creative idea that guarantees your movie success and Excellency.

Infographics are more effective

In the previous period, we have heard about Motion and Infographic. In a simplified way, it is a summary of many images, words, phrases, reports, numbers and statistics to a small movie that delivers the message to viewers in a more attractive way and away from boredom.


Experience in producing rich advertisement with the lowest budget

You may spend a lot on producing a movie and hope for excellence and dazzling, but the result may be unsatisfactory to you in proportion to the budget spent on the video, so your use of a team of professionals in the field of technical production ensure you to get a rich and distinctive advertising with the lowest budget possible and to achieve The desired goals of the movie.


Ingredients of a Successful Ad recipe

The most important part of advertising is how the advertising is, there are many elements must be cared for by the advertiser and the executor together to reach a distinctive and attractive ad which deals with the idea in an interesting way to achieve its desired goals quickly and effectively as required. and these ingredients of advertising are:


The advertisement must be simple, not hypocritical, nor artificial or odd which can make the viewer alienate it . There are many examples in the Arab market as there are many ads that are not interacted with or liked by the viewer.

Catchy and attractive

Simplicity does not mean that the advertisement is poor of the creative elements, but it must be catchy and attractive to attract everyone who sees it, interact with it and is directly affected by it.


There are a lot of exaggerated ads where they assume the normal viewer to be an Oscar winner in the movie directing and they review the idea in a very deep and difficult way for the normal viewer to understand and perceive therefore people in the advertising industry should cover the concept of advertising with a technical cover that reaches all viewers in a simple, easy and understandable way.


If the advertisement is simple, attractive and understandable but did not affect the viewer , it is not an advertisement. The most successful advertising is the most influential advertising in the target segment.

Innovative Idea

The good idea is the basis of a successful advertisement. The viewer is always impressed by the new and creative ideas, interacting with them and being influenced by them. The old traditional ideas are always expected and bored by the viewer.


A successful advertisement is one  that reaches its goal in the shortest possible time and makes the customer interact with, love and be affected without being bored by the length of the advertising duration.




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