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You must review these terms and conditions periodically. We do not have to contact you or notify you of any changes to our terms and conditions. Your continued use of Direct Media constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions applicable at the time of your use of the website.

As part of our commitment to make Direct Media a place you would like to visit regularly, we welcome all your comments on any of the policies or rules we list below by contacting us by any means you deem appropriate from the Contact page.

  1. Definitions
    1. "You / The Addressed" refers to a user of directmediaweb.com and takes into consideration all expressions leading to it. "We \ 's speaker format" means Direct Media, taking into account all expressions leading to it. "Direct Media Website" refers to the meaning specified above. "User Information" means the personal details you provide to us through Direct Media Website. "Users" means Direct Media users by their public and / or individuals as the context indicates. "Website" means the Wesbite on World Wide Web. "Content" means any reviews, comments, messages, data, information, text, music, sound, image, graphic, video, code or other material transmitted to or displayed on Direct Media Website or through a third party website. "Automated processing" means any robot, spider, screen scraper, data collection tools or other tools, routines or automated processes. "Terms and Conditions" means these Terms and Conditions, which may be modified from time to time.
  2. Legal Use
    1. To access Direct Media, you must be at least 21 years of age (by Gregorian calendar) and be fully legal.
    2. Any person under the age of 21 (according to the Gregorian calendar) who uses the Direct Media Website must obtain parental consent or a will to do so.
    3. You acknowledge and warrant that you have the right and legal ability to use Direct Media Website as provided in these Terms and Conditions.
    4. You acknowledge that any use you make of Direct Media Website will be as provided in the following terms:
      1. You will not copy, upload, reproduce, republish, frame, or transmit in any way any of the materials provided by Direct Media Website except for your personal, non-commercial personal use only;
      2. You undertake not to do anything that would affect the operation or security of the Direct Media Website or cause unreasonable inconvenience, abuse or disruption to any of our other users or employees.
    5. You agree to refrain from the following (whether you personally or through a third party):
      1. The use of a process to automatically process, monitor, copy, extract any pages on the Direct Media Website, or any information, content or data contained in or accessed by Direct Media Website, without the prior written consent of us;
      2. Use an automated process to aggregate or merge the information, content or data contained in or accessed through the Direct Media Website with information, material or data accessed by or originating from a third party;
      3. The use of any automated process to intervene in or attempt to interfere with the proper functioning of the Direct Media Website;
      4. Perform any act that would impose unreasonably large or disproportionate load on the available infrastructure or bandwidth of Direct Media Website;
      5. Reverse engineering, reverse collection, decommissioning, or any other act that would detect an issuer code or other mathematical formulas or processors with respect to the software used in the infrastructure and operations of the Direct Media Website; or
      6. Reproduction, reproduction, alteration, modification, derivative works of, or display of, any part of the content of Direct Media Website without the prior written consent of us.
    6. In order to access the Direct Media Website, you will need to access the Internet. You are responsible for any connection, service or fee associated with access to the Internet and all necessary equipment to enable you to connect to the Internet (including computer, modem and other devices necessary to access).
    7. Due to the limited capacity of all servers and their use by many people at the same time, you commit not to use Direct Media Website in any way that destroys or exceeds the capacity of our servers or any network connected to any of the Our servers. You must not use the Direct Media Website in any way that would, or may logically cause, interfere with any other party's use of Direct Media's website in a way that violates, or is likely to violate, any applicable and applicable laws, rights or legal entitlements to any In accordance with all applicable and applicable laws.
  3. Intellectual property
    1. Copyright and all other intellectual property rights in all materials and content provided as part of Direct Media Website are owned by us or licensors at all times. You may use this material or content only as authorized in writing by us or by the licensors. It will not, and will not assist or facilitate the work of others, copy, reproduce, transmit, distribute, adapt, commercialize, or create works on the content or content.
    2. If you know of any distribution or commercial exploitation of any kind, you agree to notify us directly.
  4. Trademarks
    1. All trademarks shown on this site are the property of their respective owners.
  5. Privacy
    1. We care about your privacy and security. Some data is collected for use by Direct Media to provide online services provided by Direct Media. Direct Media Website will keep track of your use of Direct Media Website through the use of, but not limited to, cookies and other tracking devices. The use of this data is subject to the terms of our Privacy Policy. Privacy policy is part of these terms and conditions and you should read them in full. If you do not accept the Privacy Policy, you must refrain from using Direct Media Website.
    2. We acknowledge our commitment to all privacy protection legislation in force at the time of their issuing with respect to any personal information about you which we have collected.
    3. You may be asked to enter information about yourself on different pages on Direct Media. We undertake not to use this information provided to us for any purpose not included in the Privacy Policy, other than for the purpose specified by each website where such information is requested.
    4. Please use the feedback form on the website to inform us of any change in the information you have provided in advance or if you wish to withdraw your consent to our use of the information you provide us for the purposes identified or for any form of advertising communication.
  6. Compensation
    1. You agree and consent to compensate us and / or any of our affiliates, employees, directors, employees and / or our affiliates and upon demand, all claims, obligations, losses and costs, including legal fees arising from any breach or Violation of these Terms and Conditions by You or any other damages arising from your use of Direct Media Website.
  7. Termination
    1. We reserve the right to immediately terminate your use of Direct Media Website, if you breach the terms of these Terms and Conditions or if we reasonably believe that you may breach the Terms and Conditions or if you conduct ourselves we believe that at our sole discretion it is unacceptable.
  8. Communication
    1. If you would like to comment on the Direct Media Website or if you would like to ask any questions, please feel free to contact us through the contact form on the website.
  9. Website availability
    1. Because sometimes eServices are interrupted or broken, access to Direct Media Website is available only as it is and in its current state.
    2. We are entitled, at our sole discretion, to impose limits or restrictions on your use of Direct Media Website. In addition, for security, technical, maintenance, legal or legislative reasons, or as a result of any breach of these Terms and Conditions, we may withdraw the Direct Media Website or access to the Direct Media Website at any time and without prior notice from us.
  10. General
    1. INVALIDITY AND OTHERWISE: If any court or legislator determines that the terms and conditions of these Terms and Conditions are void or in any way not applicable, then these terms and conditions will be canceled and removed, while the remaining Terms and Conditions remain fully in force.
    2. Applicable Law: These terms and conditions and Direct Media's website are subject to international laws regulating and international trade relations, and any dispute arising is subject to non-exclusive jurisdiction before the competent courts.
    3. Third parties: These terms and conditions apply to us and our users. No one else has the right to benefit from these terms and conditions. We reserve the right to perform any of our obligations and exercise our rights granted to us by our terms and conditions through a third party.
    4. Disclaimer: We reserve the right to assign or in any way transfer any or all of our rights and obligations under these terms and conditions to any third party.
  11. Links to other sites
    1. The Website may contain links to other sites or services provided by others which are presented by us to assist you and facilitate your access. Direct Media is not responsible for the content of such sites and services, advertisements, products or other materials that exist or are available on those sites. Transactions between you and any third party are not the responsibility of the Company and are not related to them, as they are not within the scope of our services or products. The terms, conditions and privacy policies of these sites should be reviewed.
    2. Direct Media or any of the signatories that provide the site with the content or the licensors, do not provide any guarantees of any kind, including errors and inaccuracies, and the company undertakes to deal with the errors immediately, if identified.
    3. Your use of all contents of the Website or any content you download or print from the Website in general is subject to local and international laws and regulations, and any infringement of the rights of others, whether intellectual property or otherwise, is entirely at your own risk.
    4. Direct Media seeks to provide all the services of the site permanently and continuously 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week, while preserving all information. However, technical malfunctions and routine maintenance may cause service interruption for limited periods, and the company will return service as soon as possible. The Company shall not be liable for any damages that may occur during these periods.


Terms of contract

  • The company undertakes to provide the best services in terms of quality, efficiency of work, and maintenance of customer rights, and full commitment to the length of contract with customers
  • The Company undertakes to maintain the personal data of the Customer and not to leak it to any third party without a bond or official written permission from a competent governmental or international authority.
  • Official working hours are from 10 am to 6 pm, except Fridays and Saturdays, holidays and public holidays
  • The proofs of the work/project and the final work of the customer are presented in PNG or JPEG format. The customer is not entitled to use the image in any way without reference to the company, and the customer is not entitled to request the designs in an open format from the company except in the material consideration that it deems fit.
  • In case the customer wishes to remove the design rights of the company, the cost of the application is added to 40% of the total cost of the design
  • The company strives to find the right images and videos for any artwork. If the customer does not agree with the pictures or any sections, and the company can not provide the alternative, the customer is obliged to provide the appropriate pictures and sections for his field of work in the best capacity to determine what is appropriate for him according to his experience in his field, and the company will have the required technical aspect to finish the job
  • The Company shall maintain the design and the code of the work for a period of 3 months from the date of delivery to the customer and the customer shall not be entitled to claim it thereafter
  • It is prohibited to publish or promote any websites that have illegal activity, support terrorism, defame religions, sects, people, racism, or tolerate any extremist ideology or material related to threatening messages directed at
  • In case the customer delays responding or communicating or completing the required information/task for a period of more than 45 days starting from the date of the advance payment, the company is entitled to terminate the contract and the customer will bear all damages resulting therefrom and the customer loses any financial dues to the company
  • The customer may terminate the contract at any time provided that he loses any financial dues which are already paid to the company before the date of cancellation. In some cases, the customer is required to pay other dues upon cancellation. In case of abstention, Including the blacklisting of the client, which requires that no future applications be dealt with
  • The company does not start to implement the service until after the customer has delivered the required information in full and paid at least 50% in deposit of the value of the service
  • Requesting one of our service and then delaying in depositing the required amount, will cause the application to be considered cancelled and void after one week from the date of the request
  • Prices on the site are fixed and can not be reduced except in special offer times only
  • Direct Media does not provide any free services permanently or in return for non-profitable jobs
  • Payments made or deposited in Direct Media's accounts for services are not refundable
  • In case of violation of the conditions, Direct Media may impose a fine in order to return your service, and it is entitled to set the price without mentioning it in the conditions
  • We do not provide or support the required services except for the applicant and regarding his / her registered data with us


Customer Obligations (General)

  1. Customer support is provided only through customer support tickets or customer support email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  2. The customer must maintain full membership, as the customer is fully responsible for the loss of the files of his or her own files in case of violation of membership data on our website.
  3. It is prohibited to infringe on the employees of the company in profanity or direct or indirect insult, intentionally or unintentionally, and we will strictly deal with this matter. Your service may be terminated permanently without any refund and recourse to the judicial authorities.
  4. If you lose all your account information such as mobile number or e-mail, we will ask for proof of your identity. If the information in the membership is different from the information in the personal ID, we will not deliver your account back. So be sure to write all the information correctly. .
  5. The customer is committed to provide all data such as images and text content that will be used in the output of the service required in the best manner. This liability does not fall on Direct Media in any way and the required service is rendered in a deficient manner.
  6. Customer is responsible for reviewing the service provided to him in full and in total before the delivery of the service and the customer acknowledges that he has reviewed the service submitted to him completely and he inspected it without disclosure.
  7. The customer will approve the delivery schedule at the beginning of the contract, and the customer will bear any delay added to the scheduled of delivery times, in the event of delay in carrying out his tasks of reviewing and delivering data, and the delay period is added to the execution schedule at Direct Media.


Direct Media's obligations (general)

  1. When you subscribe to or request a Direct Media service, a formal, certified contract will be sent by international mail or e-mail if the customer so desires.
  2. When you sign up with Direct Media, all of your data is kept confidential and can not be viewed by anyone except in the case of your request.
  3. We do not sell your personal information or data to anyone, including email addresses, and in case you request to see it, a copy of your personal identity is sent.
  4. Direct Media is committed to provide technical support for all services provided only


Terms of the Web Hosting Services Agreement

  1. Collective and postal dumping shall not be allowed in mailing lists. The owner of the infringing site shall bear the resulting damage, close his position immediately and stop the hosting service, with the customer being fined and not entitled to claim the rest of his financial dues, if any.
  2. The customer is not entitled to cause any damage to Direct Media Company. The contract between the customer and the company is binding on the parties and this agreement is valid until the contract is canceled and it is entitled to transfer after payment of the additional services fees. Each contract between the customer and Direct Media is an independent contract ending at the end of the contract date agreed.
  3. The use of system resources and damage to the server is the responsibility of the site owner. If the customer is determined to attempt to damage a server or consume system resources such as processor, memory or network using harmful or prohibited scripts, the site will be closed immediately without refunds.
  4. The use of free service programs for visitors, such as hosting or any kind of services provided to other webmasters, is prohibited. The area (location) and services provided to the customer are intended for use by the customer only.
  5. The following content is prohibited from hosting or related to: hacking, espionage, or all malicious software, viruses, sexual or pornographic material, or violating Islamic religion or public morals.
  6. The site must be devoid of any violation of Islamic law and the site should not be exposed to the religion of Islam or heavenly religions in any way.
  7. The use of hosting is strictly prohibited for political purposes and the exposure of any state, president or any entity is prohibited in any way.
  8. The use of the Site or any of the Services is prohibited from harming the server or other sites located on the server or any other sites.
  9. Upgrade requests: You can request the upgrade of the server or hosting will be given the client times of promotion and select the appropriate for him and are upgraded after payment.
  10. Prohibiting Prohibited Items: It is strictly forbidden to host pornographic, terrorist or anti-Sharia websites.
  11. Technical support for full and shared server clients is limited to the presence of the server on the Internet and its main problems and we do not support the internal software and others, but have a cost of their own.
  12. Technical Support Tickets: A customer who is not a participant in a server management plan is entitled to request a solution to a problem or a problem. However, an additional amount is charged for each problem. The amount is calculated according to the problem or the monthly technical support plan.
  13. It is strictly prohibited to use the server to perform attacks or use the server to attack other servers or sites or networks.


Direct Media's obligations (web hosting service)

  1. Direct Media is committed to the end of the customer's subscription period for the hosting services; make a backup copy and you have the right to request it in a period not exceeding one month only.
  2. Direct Media is committed to giving the customer a special hosting panel.
  3. Direct Media is committed to protecting the domain (s) from fraud and if the term (domain) expires, the customer must pay the service fee to renew the domain. In case of non-payment of the renewal fees, Direct Media disclaims responsibility for loss or loss of any domain.
  4. Direct Media is committed to providing the space and specifications agreed upon and processed within one hour and up to 24 hours from confirmation of receipt of fees.


Terms & conditions (Websites and Web Applications Developing)

  1. A contract is established with the agreed commitment between the parties stamped with the company's official seal and signed by the sales manager of the company.
  2. 50% of the agreed amount is received in advance, and the other 50% is received after completion of the project delivery.
  3. The design and development of the website shall be based on the perception in the contract.
  4. The graphics and design are adjusted according to the vision of the work and the customer.
  5. The vision required for the site is delivered by the customer and the initial design of the graphic is carried out immediately upon commencement of work as agreed.
  6. After receiving of the first batch of design or the programming code, the customer is not entitled to claim a refund in any way.
  7. Upon completion of the design or programming of any site there is a period of support and follow-up during the first week of the design or programming, after which the company is not responsible for any modifications requested or repairs because they fall outside the scope of the agreement.
  8. The client has the right to request the original design, programming and graphic files of his / her website.
  9. The project is fully delivered during the agreed period after reviewing and testing is uploaded to the Internet.
  10. The customer will review the project and send all comments and amendments within a maximum of one week from receiving of the project.
  11. Direct Media is committed to remedying any problems that appear on the website as a result of a defect in the programming for one year starting from the delivery of the site.
  12. The Company may place its logo at the bottom of the Website as it deems fit, and no customer shall have the right to remove this logo, unless this is a violation of the Intellectual Property Protection Law, unless agreed upon.
  13. When agreeing on the details of the contents of the site to be designed, developed or programmed, the site owner is not entitled to claim any additional minor modifications or minor additions under the current cost. Any additions or modifications shall be calculated at a new independent cost.
  14. Direct Media is committed to the implementation of what has been agreed upon in the contract, and any other additions requested by the customer shall be agreed with the Sales Department.
  15. The content and content of the site is the responsibility of the customer. Direct Media does not assume any legal liability except when agreeing with the company to manage the content of the site.
  16. The names and links of completed projects are added to Direct Media's business portfolio and can be agreed upon by the customer as agreed upon in the process of removing intellectual property rights.
  17. Modification of the terms of this Agreement from time to time is a soul right to Direct Media, and the client has the right to read it from time to time and is committed by Direct Media Agreement as they are at the time of agreement with the client.
  18. Direct Media is committed to providing free technical support for web design and programming services for a maximum period of three months from the date of receipt of the project.


Terms & Conditions (Digital Marketing)

Website Advertising Policies ( Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Youtube - Google Adword )

  • After choosing the form and type of advertising and approval from the client, the advertisement is done at the agreed value, and the advertising campaign begins within 1-5 working days, depending on the approval of the advertised site, and Direct Media is not responsible for delaying the start of advertising.
  • The laws differ from one site to the other, and they change periodically. Direc Media and Customer agree to accept any new terms from the Social Media sites.
  • The customer chooses the target audience of the advertisement, in terms of place, age, etc., and the result of the advertisement at the end is not guaranteed by Direct Media, as the advertised item may be bad, expensive, or in an inappropriate time for advertising, or any other reasons. Direct Media provides the customer with a report on the outcome of the announcement after completion.
  • The customer has the right to request the suspension of the advertisement campaign at any time, to retrieve the remaining value of the advertisement if he wishes to do so or to pay for another service or declaration. In this case, the customer loses the agreed value of the campaign management fees; because Direct Media have had implemented the ad campaign already.


Duration of Projects

The duration of the execution of the work varies according to the type of service provided as follows:

  • Website and Web Applications Development
    • A preliminary image of the desired site will be delivered to the customer within 5 working days starting from the next day of the agreement which includes (advance payment - signing the contract - processing the required data to complete the site);
    • The image is then approved or modified;
    • The first amendment shall be free and shall be within 3 working days from the next day to the request or the amendment and to send the complete amendment data by the client;
    • If a second or more modification is required, then an additional cost is agreed upon, depending on the type and amount of modification required;
    • After approval of the final design image and modifications, the website is finalized within a period agreed upon according to the size of the website.
  • Graphic Designs
    • As provided for in the special terms and conditions mentioned above
  • Digital Marketing
    • As provided for in the special terms and conditions mentioned above
  • Mobile Applications
    • Durations are the same as (Website and Web Applications Development)
  • Photography
    • Varies according to the project size and determined by the contract between the two parties before starting of implementation
  • Video Ads
    • Varies according to the project size and determined by the contract between the two parties before starting of implementation






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